Our Factory

Using 100% natural human hair to create hair extensions, we collect directly from the donors. As soon as the hair is delivered to the factory, it will be processed and preserved carefully. To ensure the smoothness and softness of the hair, the process is quite complicated. There are many steps that require us to carry out only by hand, therefore all of our workers are trained carefully. These experienced and skillful workers will perform all the operations meticulously.

The products with straight texture and black color will be processed less often because most of our donors’ hair is naturally straight black. This hair is strong and you can bleach, color, and style more easily. Products with other textures and colors must be handled carefully to keep the form and have the color exactly like what customers order.

Especially, for products like wigs, frontals, closures, hair will be sewn into the lace completely by hand to ensure the natural look, as well as to meet the customers’ requirements.

With thousands of workers and modern machines, we can ensure the quantity and quality of products any customers order, including wholesales customers. Currently, 𝐋𝐀𝐃 π‡πšπ’π« π•π’πžπ­π§πšπ¦ is having more factories built to meet the increasing demand for orders and purchases.

We are confident that, with the development of both human resources and factories, we will soon meet the growing needs of customers all over the world.